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A few of our recent Comments !
Gas Fire Repair

Our story started when our Gas Fire which has given us perfect service for many years wouldn’t start. I really wanted to have the fire repaired as it has been so good. I first checked that all the parts were still available and then my search began to find someone to repair the fire. Should be easy enough  - I thought.
First I tried the shop where we bought the fire - their answer was no - we are too busy to come to you and we don’t have you on our records anymore and even if we did we probably wouldn’t be able to repair your fire. Good start!!
Well, lets try the Manufacturer of the Fire. No we won’t repair your fire because it is more than 5 years old. What even though it is still a current model and all the parts are still available - NO!!
I then tried many national gas repairers, many local repairers, 4 local Gas Fire shops all of which refused to even come and have a look at our Gas Fire.
I remember saying to my wife I just want to find a nice Happy Gas Man to come and repair our fire! It wasn’t looking promising though and a whole new, expensive Gas Fire looked like the only answer.
At chance visit to a local coal merchant we finally got a tip off to a good local Gas Repair Man.
Tentatively I made the call ready for another rejection! A cheerful, friendly voice answered and said yes, he would be happy to come round and was sure he would be able to fix our fire.
Paul the Gas Man came round and got our Gas Fire going again even better than it worked before.
It is so great to have found a cheerful, happy Gas Repair Man who has done such a terrific job for us. Someone who is willing to do the smaller jobs and cares about his work and his customers.

Thank You from a delighted,  Diana & Paul Kyme, Newton Abbot.
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